Monday, August 18, 2008

Ha! Now it's over!

One word about fair.


Holy hell. It's over though. I have a few more rounds of paperwork to get finished but I'm waiting on some paperwork to come in the mail in order to do that.

Tomorrow I go back on the schedule of testing and traveling.

I ache everywhere.

Today I ate my first real meal in 15 days. It was way too big. I think my stomach shrunk. But it did taste ohh so good. I'll be sorry in a few hours. My husband and son are emptying milk sample bottles so I am ready to milk test tomorrow, though Bill is going to start the herd for me and I'll some later to finish up. I need to rest still. I'm staying on my O2 most of today.

Edit: I just realized that makes it sound like I didn't eat for 15 days. No, no, but soda and jerky hardly count as a "real" meal. Or soda and Tylenol.

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