Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brrr. Oh yeah and Brrr.

And brrr some more.

So I felt guilty (not sure that's the correct term) about not really giving a shit during breeding season and basically saying be bred or not. So I'm running a clean up buck through all the does for a week. He's chasing and they are having NONE of that shit thankyouverymuch. I'm not sure how many does my little ober buck bred. I think he wasn't very effective. I may have no ober milkers to show and no obers at all in 2 years. Too bad too, I like the does I have right now. Oh well.

I tossed the baby boys in with the other big buck yesterday, it was a free for all in the new buck pen. Anyone need a Togg buck? I have about 2 too many. One of these needs to go for sure and probably two.

And BTW, Brrr.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greg says to me last night, "OMG what IS that?"
I say; "What?"
He's looking pained, actually very pained, "That NOISE, you can't tell me you can't hear it."
At this point I'm kind of giggling. Yeah yeah bad mommy. "No honey I don't hear anything, mute the TV."
Ok now I see he can barley open his eyes and his cheeks are flushed, but still *snicker*.
"Ehhhhhhhhhhh, You can't HEAR that?"
"Uh, no. Just in your head dear. Only the dryer is running."
"Ok, it's getting better." And the redness starts to leave his face.
I tell him, "Ok if that happens again I want to know immediately and you're going back to the doctor."

In all seriousness I think those damn migraine are back. Headaches at night, ringing ears..... SHIT.

Oh and randomly my lungs started to bleed night before last and last night. Why? Is my lung ulcer on a schedule to totally fuck up all my jobs? Shit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In case you needed proof...

... that I'm totally fooking nuts.

Have you any idea how hard it is to photograph white? OMG. It was almost as painstaking as crocheting those tiny ass stitches you see there.

That needle? Fooking tiny. So tiny in fact that it pierces material like a needle. Yeah I like me a tiny weapon. I'm trying not to bleed on anything, these towels are white.

2 hours people. And only 2 sides are done with row one. I'm nuts. Totally and completely nuts. And I have 4 more to try to get done. This week.

Wanna take bets?

Oh and those squares? Omg..... I'm not even sure what my count is up to. I can do them in my sleep. I'm nearing the point of being forced to do the 50/50 ones and I'm already dreading that part. Ok fine I counted. 145. But somewhere I've lost 10. See... this is why I don't do big projects. Already I'm having to do parts over. Shit.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Heard at dinner tonight.

"Get away from my food vulture."

"If I was a vulture, Sarah would hit me with her car."

"There I was just flying along when whamo...."

Humm, cute kid huh?