Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brrr. Oh yeah and Brrr.

And brrr some more.

So I felt guilty (not sure that's the correct term) about not really giving a shit during breeding season and basically saying be bred or not. So I'm running a clean up buck through all the does for a week. He's chasing and they are having NONE of that shit thankyouverymuch. I'm not sure how many does my little ober buck bred. I think he wasn't very effective. I may have no ober milkers to show and no obers at all in 2 years. Too bad too, I like the does I have right now. Oh well.

I tossed the baby boys in with the other big buck yesterday, it was a free for all in the new buck pen. Anyone need a Togg buck? I have about 2 too many. One of these needs to go for sure and probably two.

And BTW, Brrr.

1 comment:

sarah said...

You might call SF; she might need a buck pretty soon if not now..