Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's cold. The sun is out, my son talked me into being lazy and hanging out at home instead of getting anything done at the goats. He says we can do it tonight when we get there. He's a bad influence that one.

Milk shipped
Blood shipped
MF's kids cleaned (their roof leaked)
5/6 of the little bastards drink on command, the oldest is finally swallowing on her own at least. I think I may have even heard a sucking noise today.

Greg is working on unpacking my sample bottles. I work tomorrow and I am VERY glad I didn't try to work yesterday. I felt like doggy do do yesterday and am only slightly better today. My lower legs are like ice cubes and my head is a little loopy.

My puppy is always so happy to see me even if it's only been 2 minutes since she saw me last.

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