Monday, September 29, 2008

Grrr.... lots of money out and people aren't paying yet. I hate having to send a second notice. *Sigh*

This is my least favorite part of business. For someone else I like bookkeeping. For myself it is a part I don't mind leaving to the end.

I am good about getting my initial bills right out. It's just the follow through that I dislike. It was much easier to track in my head when there were only 6 herds. Now that there are 13, I had to make a chart. It helps me not get antsy too. Sometime I start getting antsy for the money within a week and I have to remind myself people need time to get paid too. *grumble*

This is why I don't like driving either. I get antsy. I want to be there NOW. I spent all that time packing/preparing/prepping now I want to be there RIGHT NOW. Reason I should have a helicopter. Or be able to teleport.

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