Friday, November 16, 2007

Lost time

Holy shit. This has gone too far. I think coughing as hard/long as I do is robbing me of my memory. What? You shouldn't be laughing. And I'm not old enough for it to be my age, shut up thankyouverymuch.

So Sarah was talking about her nephew and what to get a nine year old, what are they into. I figured, hey it's only been 3 years since G was 9, I should be able to input on this one right? Hello? NOTHING. I can't remember WHAT he was into. I had to count back to remember who his teacher was and what damn grade he was in. From there, blank. I got nothing.

I actually went back and pulled out his photo album and silently reminded myself this is exactly why I had all those pictures printed. Because I was home alone, and dude, even I'd send myself to the loony bin if I start talking out loud to myself.

So Sarah. For his birthday he got a new bike and binoculars. I remember he was really into looking at stuff, animals, stars, cows. I'm pretty sure it was the same year we got him a telescope for christmas. Ha. It was. Oh and count them, at least 3 footballs.

Thank god for pictures, printed ones at that. I'd have never looked through them if they had been on my computer still.
And I'm getting my brain checked. How does one lose and entire year of their kids life, I mean REALLY? It was only 3 years ago.

On a different note. My kid, he's a lifesaver. Last night was cough-a-lung round 999. I was out on the porch choking and gasping and the boy child gets up and comes out to sit with me. As I throw an empty inhaler across the porch (lack of oxygen makes me bitchier than usual) he gets up, goes in, gets my keys. I remind him there are no other inhalers in the car, he shushes me. SHUSHED me he did. He comes out of the car with a cartridge we had found, god knows how long ago, that the case had been broken on. LOVE that child. LOVE him even when he shushes me. He even sat out there in the cold to do therapy on me till I could inhale normally and actually feel the cold air.

So even when I say he's a rotten brat. He's a really good boy. Don't listen to me. :-)

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