Saturday, September 15, 2007

This re-vamp is taking less time that I had first though. It's amazing how fast it all comes back. It's been a long time since I've hand coded a web page. I used to do it daily until I started cheating. Coffee Cup is again my friend. I loved the original version. Then my MIL bought the "new" version (4-5 years ago) and I hated, no, loathed it. Now, this current version is reminiscent of the original only optimized.

I have each goats page just about done. The pictures are done and their pedigrees are done, I just have to create a way to add their milk records and LA scores that doesn't make me cringe.

And linking. OMG. I actually started that process today. Shoot me now, M'kay.


Kentucky Girl said...

I want a goat. Will you send me a goat? Can I come up to your house and play with your goats? Is it cold up there already? Can I please have a goat? :D

Fogspinner said...

Sure. You think your dogs are hard on the back yard. LOL.

It is cool up here already. 67-72 during the day. Course I'm still runnin' the A/C in the car.

Kentucky Girl said...

LOL YAY! What should I name my goat? I'll have to think of a name. Is it a white goat with spots? I always wanted a white goat with spots. OOH..maybe one of those mini-goats...what are those called. Yeah, maybe one of those.

I'm not concerned about the yard. I'd like to have the goat so he/she would eat up everything in the back yard. Well, except for the new fence that is going in. He/she can eat everything else. Doug picks up poop so I'm not concerned about poop. LOL

I did think of getting a goat but I'm not sure I could have one in the city. I should check with the city and see and then you could help me decide on where to get one and stuff. But I do want a goat.