Friday, September 14, 2007

I will win, new web site.

19 individual animals pages. 19 people. Shit I have too many goats. And that's not the babies. NOT the juniors at all. And I'm breeding them. Well, actually the bucks are doing the breeding, and a mightily poor job of it they are doing I might add.

According to the moons I should see breeding action from the 19th through the 3rd. Mostly around the 26 (I think it said and I'm too lazy to go back and look again).

As for the web site. I have mastered the menu. I just about shot myself in the process. Not to mention the dumb asses who wrote the FAQ and tutorial for the program I ended up using. I downloaded two. One was super easy to create with, and had no help section at all. The one I ended up using was a little harder to work with (like it wasn't happy creating a menu with 2 levels of sub menus, but would) and the FAQ wasn't very helpful. I finally found an answer to my dilemma under a section I never would have looked in, if I hadn't been just desperately clicking looking to try anything.

Now I'm like a third of the way done. What! Ok fine, 1/8. But it will go quick now. It's all the linking that's going to kill me.

Luckily I love PSP and can reuse most of my graphics with the magic of cut and paste.

My border collie seems to be eating in her sleep. She's lying there, sound asleep, air chewing and swallowing. Great... Freak.

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