Friday, September 14, 2007

So anyone want to finish my web site for me? No?

I have the vision. I can actually do the work. But when I sit down to actually do it, I'm like, ahh fuck it.

This is not for THIS site, but for my goats. I want a minor revamp. Only thing is I designed the first site the "easy" way. I have now outgrown the way it is, and my current elements are a PITA to transfer to a new layout. Which means my "minor" change just became a huge deal. Oh and that first easy way? Saved all my photos in one place. Handy, no? Problem. It saved them all as thumbnails, which means I have to FIND THE ORIGINALS.
My file saving is a well thought out process. At.The.Moment. That means those pictures might be in My Photos, My Doc/Goats, My Doc/Web site, My Doc/New (which means they should be filed, but usually sit there collecting dust)

So any bored web designers (yeah I'm looking at you KG :-) ) out there wanna listen to me whine? Still no takers? I can't IMAGINE why.

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Kentucky Girl said...

Wait, what? I can't do anything with coding. I can only do pretty graphics. :D