Sunday, May 6, 2007

Home from the first show of the year. A buck show. I totally went the lame-O way with my bucks and didn't clip. This is mostly significant with the breed I have because they are hairy beasts, think yak only smaller. I'm hoping my friend Sarah caught at least one picture of one of the hair beasts. The pictures will likely have the head of a child making faces attached to it. You can't say our bucks don't get enough lovin'.

We did fine. Probably would have been better if I'd clipped, but ya know, I just don't care. In fact the only think I really care about is that HE (this one breeder) is standing behind me. Yeah I realize that's not very sportsman like. HE has this ego he has to sling over his shoulder to carry. HE has this attitude of "you can't possibly beat my goats, but thanks for coming to play". The first time he did that I thought, "Wow, ok, he must have some great goats." I'm someone who feels you earn ego. After he spent that whole show staring at either my ass of my friends ass he was not so nice to us anymore and I was rethinking why his ego was so inflated. This year he was nicer, barely. It's still nice to know he's standing behind me. Even in the ring I placed 2nd to last, he was last.
My young buck, short and short. Yeah, duh? So was papa until he turned 3. I'm ok with that. Every judge, even the really odd one, said both my bucks had the widest and best rear leg sets in the class. That's the best news.
The bad news?
On the way home I get a call from my hubby. Someone hit my new car. In front of my house. While it was PARKED!
I guess the woman cut the corner by our house going too fast and when a car was coming at her she swerved into my car, pushed it a whole foot forward and damn near hit my fence. In actuality the damage is pretty minor considering she hit my Jimmy with a full sized pickup. We're not sure if there is damage to the running gear yet. If my family ever wakes up we will find out. I was mostly flipped out because ALL of my work meters were in the back. All.Of.Them. I had just tested my big herd before I left and frankly was lazy and didn't take them out. That could get costly for her, they are just shy of 400 new. I haven't looked to see if any were damaged. Bill did say some of them are shifted forward.
What is it with cars this weekend?

Sarah was hit by a buzzard and some dumb bimbo hit my parked car.

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