Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Have you heard the hair dye commercial that goes along something like... Where were you when this song was playing and your hair was in braids and a headband.... or something like that.

Anyhow the next part says ...this song....fushia tips.... blah blah

We're driving down the road. This commercial plays. My sons says..."Did she just say fushia TITS or TIPS?" And like any mature parent I almost rear ended the person in front of me laughing my ass off. "Son. TIPS, with a P." I mean it was the '80's and all, but we hadn't quite got THAT into dying yet.


In other news I received a call from the insurance company of the girl who hit my PARKED car. Their going to accept responsibility. Duh? This here traffic accident report, listing her in the who-done-it column, pretty much guaranteed you were paying one way or the other. Cause the next time I had to call to see if you'd "talked to your insured" it would be my lawyer making the call, asshat.


Since I won't be home for much of FOAD Thursday. I'm issuing an early statement.
*FOAD to people planning events who wait (I don't care how young they are) until the last minute to contact you to help. Or rather, to ask you which item you want to cover. You want me to create a display board depicting and deciphering a milk record and you want me to do that in 5 days. Two of which I will be on the road? SURE. I can whip up something that will hopefully not look like ASS because I really do want this girl to be successful but why is another story. Some people need time to plan and prepare. If we CHOOSE to put it off until the last minute, that's our problem, right? I feel sorry for people trying to prepare to give a demonstration.
*FOAD to insurance agents. Hit.Parked.Car.With.Police.Involvement. And you can't accept responsibility until you've talked to your insured? It's not like they left a little note on my car and said OOPS and I'm some random Joe calling in. Police report in hand. Not my fault your insured hasn't A)given you a current phone number B)answered their phone or C) called to report the accident and damage to their own car.


Kentucky Girl said...

Oh geez, I hate dealing with insurance companies. So much so that I just avoid it altogether. Drives Doug mad but I don't care. Hope you get your ride fixed up soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah she called me, too.
I called her back, yesterday. She called me back and left a message, today.
I made it clear from the beginning I would help with anything but an "in front of people" presentation.
I'd help with flyers, organization, whatever, but NO presentation.
Yeah, I think she wants me to do a presentation. This one I am NOT doing.