Friday, May 11, 2007

My ass hurts and that's all I have to say about that.

The training conference was fine. Boring as hell but fine. At least it's like an open forum so we could blurt out and get off tract at will. Given we were taking about teat end vacuum pressure and... what else were we talking about?

Even though it was a year ago? Two years ago? that I went to WA in the summer, where it was 110 and we thought we would melt, die, and evaporate, 85 just didn't feel that hot today. The numbness to heat must have stuck.

And when, WHEN my "friends", were you going to mention to me that I look like HELL? Ok, so normally I wear sweatshirts and it's rather hard to tell... (why am I helping you out of this hole I'm trying to dig for you) that I'm getting skinny as hell? I'm glad I don't have large mirrors at home.
I jumped out of the shower last night at the motel and thought, Holy fuck!
The big problem is I am 5'3" with the bone structure for someone 5'8". To say I'm large boned would be an understatement. My collar bone is protruding a good inch right now and you could use my ribs as a xylophone. Ewww?! Muscle baby. We need to find some.
I may never remove my sweatshirt again. My minds eye is burned. Be guaranteed I will not be buying any mirrors soon. I may never walk by one again either.

Other new. Humm. Got none. I've been on the road for two days. I *heart* my truck/suv/car. It may get crappy gas mileage but it was a nice trip down and home. I'm almost looking forward to putting a trailer behind it.


Kentucky Girl said...

Girl, put some meat on dem bones!

And if you need someone to shop with you, just call me up. LOL

Fogspinner said...

With the time I was on the road in the last couple days I could have came an visited. I just headed east instead.