Monday, April 30, 2007

White trash moment

I had a white trash moment today. Well okay it lasted about an hour. And a half.

There I was sitting in the sun while the goat that wouldn't die frolicked in the sun and ate everything that fit in her mouth. I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and enjoyed the warm sun, because I was not. Warm that is. Soon I was nodding off. So I did what any..... ok maybe not ANYone would do... I found something to prop my wee little head on, a spool of weed eater twine and a pair of my son dirty sweats, put my feet up on a bag of cat litter (new) and took a nap on the top step of my porch. Should I mention these steps and frankly the whole porch is cement?
Meanwhile, the goat that wouldn't die tried everything to make sure I had a pulse. Eyelids.Won't.Open. Panic! Scream! She gave up stomping on my head and knocking things over onto me and laid down next to me, pushed her head under my arm and fell asleep too.
Why is there no one with a camera when there are candid moments like this? My last lucid thought was, "fuck and I think the neighbors are whacked, glad my car is parked right there."

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Kentucky Girl said...

hahaha! White Trash Moment. I'm TOTALLY stealing that! You know, next time I have one. Which may or may not be a lot. I'm just sayin'.