Sunday, April 29, 2007

After the blood and guts that was yesterday today you get photo Sunday. I'm no pro, so don't judge me. I just thought I'd play around in the yard with my point and shoot.This is the Iris that I've been waiting 3 years to see it bloom. It's finally happy where I tossed it to die.This rose is Awesome. It smells up my whole yard with the scent of rose and is covered in blooms. It also blooms all year.

Here is the baby who thought alot about dieing. I am calling this shot "Not ready" as in, not ready to die. She's actually looking the the street, but was looking at the iris.

And as promised; The Redneck Band Aid.Just call me Dr. In a Pinch. Under there is a nice little scratch, about 4" long from the boy landing on a log. We slapped on some bag balm (also known as udder cream) a gauze pad and some duct tape to hold it all together. And who said you can't fix everything with duct tape?


Anonymous said...

That's really a great shot of your doe


mad groupie said...

the boy and a log got into a fight?