Sunday, April 22, 2007

Track meet hell

The track meet yesterday was pure hell. It was pouring rain, windy and cold. Meet was to start at 10, so we arrived early at 9:30 or so. After arrival we find out that shot and discus will not start until 11. So an hour we sat in the rain waiting and passing time. We did get to see some of the running events that we usually miss. Wanna bet there are a whole lot of sick kids on Monday?

At 11 we moved to the shot area and stood there. In.the.rain. It's supposed to be open pit so we can throw at any point during the day.
At 11:15 we're still in the rain no officials.
At 11:20 I decide we're all going back to the car to warm up and dry out just a little.
I send Gee and Bill off at 10 to 12 to see whats going on. They found everyone over at the discus area and now it's no longer open pit. There are 80+ kids waiting to throw. Gee made it in plenty of time to throw shot and Bill came back to check on me while Gee waited to throw discus.
I ended up, for the first time ever, missing Gee compete.
I just can't afford to get sick. I was already soaked to the skin from the first 2 hours in the rain.
Gee was fine with it. Dad was there, so all was well.
We think he won the 5th grade shot put. We don't know how many of those other 80 kids were 5th graders. He might have won the discus too, they are pretty sure he threw the farthest. Our coach was totally unhappy with the disorganization of the field events. I can't say that I blame him. By the time they were done with the shot and discus they were already done with all the other events.

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