Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh bad bad bad bad bad bad dogs. BAD DOGS live here.

It seems raiding the cupboard is a sport around here. They might try to raid the fridge like Gus except I have a freezer on the bottom. I guess frozen things are too hard to chew up quietly.

I just went and found Flower in Gee's room chewing on something again. She likes cardboard. She really likes his Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards. No.No. This time she had a stick of paraffin wax and a half eaten box of muffin mix. As I'm returning the wax to the cupboard and the muffin mix (she ate the box and left the mix?) to the trash I realize there are 4 boxes of muffin mix missing and a box of pancake mix. They ate every single box of corn muffin mix I had. I am saying they, because I can garendamntee Buddy was in on this too.


I have a post about redneck band aids I'll post later. I have to upload the picture but the dogs managed to piss me off first. Gah. Don't they realize I'm reading blogs? Routine people. ROUTINE!

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