Thursday, April 26, 2007


A day everyday in the life:
6:00am alarm goes off
6:20 arrive at goats
6:23- 7:10 milking
7:35 arrive home
7:35- 8:05 feeding baby goats (which right now includes caring for the sick baby who can't stand on her own), change clothes for school, cram breakfast, clean baby bottles,
8:10 take Gee to school
8:20 home, read blogs
Now is where life might vary.
Plan A) includes downloading to laptop, loading up gear and, heading out to work. It also includes trying to find food because I have to eat before I work. Often I am not home until after the below schedule.
Plan B) includes heading out to the rest home to visit with the crankiest man on the planet. Not I said man, because WHOA baby there are a couple woman there who rival the wicked witch of the west.
IF Plan A is in effect this schedule happens after I'm done at work, which can be anywhere from 6 to 8 at night.
If Plan B is in effect I can usually pick Gee up myself and try to stick to a schedule.
Plan C (which is thankfully short lived) is much like my work schedule only it involves track and field events.
3:00 Gee out of school, which mean he'll actually have his as$ in the car at 3:15
3:30 make sure Bill gets out of the house for work. I multi-task this time with Blog reading again because HELLO you people post a lot and you can't get behind.
4:00 we either go back to the rest home or head to the goats to get chores done. Those chores which we try to avoid. The ones that involve a pitch fork and wheelbarrow.
5:00 milk the goats and do feeding chores.
6:20 home to feed babies here. Gee trys to feed the rabbits at the same time.
7:00 clean bottles
7:00 Gee feeds the dogs and lets them out in rounds.
Somewhere in here we try to get dinner, either out or at home if we aren't cruising through the door at 8:30 to feed rather than a nice neat 6:30
At about 8 we try to fall on the couch to catch some down time. It's bedtime for all of us at 9.
Did you notice the time for cleaning in there? Laundry? Mopping?
Sure I could cut down my blogging time. But did you see much of a LIFE up there either?

What made me think of this? My husbands comment.
"Do you know how hard it is for me to do all the chores and WORK TOO?"

Um, no. I wouldn't have any clue. I did mention "Isn't is nice that when I'm gone I don't ask you to vacuum or mop or do dishes or laundry or clean the bathroom or even PICK UP YOUR OWN SHIT!"

That is all whiner, carry on.


Joefish said...

I think I need a flow chart to follow all those plan A/B/C options.

Fogspinner said...

No kidding... me too!
Today was a plan C day, Track and field. Cluster fuck of a day. Posts later.