Monday, April 23, 2007

Ahhh, I managed to ruin my whole blog reading pattern.
I have this pattern man, I read bloglines, then I read those who don't have feeders, then I go to DIST, then I go to AOL blogs. Well, ok, people who I thought didn't have feeders. You see I realized yesterday that I'm an idiot. I really already had an idea about my idiocy, but this time it was just thrown RIGHT in my face. Those people who I've been haunting daily? Had feeders. On the sidebar. Where I never look.
So I added them to my bloglines. But, I have this pattern. And now it's all thrown off.
Of course, Avi, Amy, and Miss Britt had to go and throw me a curve ball too. That's just further set my pattern off. Threw it off, but was well worth it. Funny funny shit man.

So now what is a girl to do. I have no one to stalk. They all are coming neatly in my reader.

I swear it was that black cat that passed in front of me today.


Amy said...

I completely understand. I have a morning reading schedule as well. Nothing throws my day off more than to have someone interrupt or ask me to do something for them before I am done reading.

Miss Britt said...

Me too! I need my routine man!

In fact, I'm thinking of turning off my own comment notifications so that i can at least have a reason to stalk my own blog!

Fogspinner said...

It's all about the routine.

Amy- My son avoids me like the plague in the AM until it's time to go to school.

Britt- Ha. You may be surprised what you find. Purple whore robe?