Monday, June 16, 2008

Home again Home again... blah blah blah

So this morning I was the queen of the walk-in. I walked into the chiropractor and said FIX this rib again please.
Then I walked in and waited for freakin' ever to see the MD. He let me have my way, he's good like that, and we're trying what USED to work. This not breathing shit is for the birds. So I'm on prednisone for like 14 days. To say that I'll be an irritable bitch for the next week or so might be an understatement, BUT I should be an irritable bitch WHO CAN BREATH! I always warn people (this is your warning) when I'm on this stuff. Sometimes... ehh nothing.. a little moody maybe. Sometimes? Holy hell raging bitch, and I KNOW it but seem to have little power to contain the rage. I actually have been known to say "I realize I'm yelling and being totally irrational, but I CAN"T STOP." It's like well and it fills with irritation and then it overflows and you are powerless to stop it. And trust me sandbagging doesn't help. Because when you blow the next time.... 10 times as ugly.

We're also, FINALLY, going to have a sputum culture done. I haven't had one done in some 12 or more years. We (when we=the two numbnuts treating me) really have no idea what we're battling and are going off of what's normal. HA. When have I ever done anything normally?

Btw. Prednisone makes me hungry. Got food?

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