Friday, June 20, 2008

Wait, weight, weighed

For all the thinking that my kids might be a little on the scrawny side... I should just stick a fork in myself.

We weighted a wormed all the dam raised kids today. They are between 43 (for the one I was sure was under 30) and... wait for it... 75 freakin' pounds. 7-5, seventy five. POUNDS! She's only 4 months old for gods sake. I could almost breed her NOW!

Lord I guess their doing ok. We somehow missed one. I know she was in a caught up, so I'm thinking she slipped through the fence, grrr. She's one to sell so I'm pretty sure she's ok weight wise. I just need to make a phone call and move out these 6 does and 1 buck. I have more to sell that actually don't even belong to me, they are even "OK" weight wise. 35 or so for the bigger ones. I'm just going to get them a little bigger.

I found one really nice kid in the bunch and was a little bummed because I thought she was out of a doe I had decided to keep, which means she would be sold. Wasn't I happy to get home and discover she is actually out of a doe I'm selling. Woo Hoo she gets to stay. She's really nice too. And might make breeding weight this year too. Not that I'm going to breed for milking yearlings, they rarely compete in the show ring.

BTW it's hot today. H-O-T. Have I mentioned before how much I do not like the heat. It is because it makes me cough. Coughing does not make me look pretty. Red face, bulging veins, not pretty.

On an added note. I need to hire a full time/ part time employee it seems. Takers? *Wink* *Wink* Hint hint? More on that when I hear more, but it seems I may be *cough* expanding. And we're not talking about my ass people.

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