Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm not a crier. Really. Step on my toe and I'm more likely going to cuss a blue streak and punch you in the eye than cry.

So why was I sitting in my bed at 4 am this morning sobbing like a baby? Damn nerves. My back, specifically the area where my ribs attach to my spinal column was out. Which sends "phantom" (where phantom=sticking a knife in my ribs and twisting it) pains around to the front of my ribs. It feels exactly like a broken rib and the pains are your bodies warning to not draw to large of a breath to protect said broken rib.
Only my ribs?
NOT broken.

The sad part of all this is I'm so congested right now that I am having a hard time drawing a deep breath normally. Now. Add to that a knife like shooting pain every time you draw half a breath.

SO first thing this morning I went to the chiropractor and he put me back together again. The ribs will probably go out again. The headache is probably from stress and the ear? This damn ear that's been "plugged" for 2 weeks? He got it to pop! It stayed that way for a while, but has since plugged and unplugged a few times.

So... ribs aren't hurting as bad.
Blood pressure is through the fricking roof.
Lungs are topped off with crap.
Head is hurting and "thick".

It's sunny and nice outside.


Jen said...

Well at least it's sunny and nice outside?

Anonymous said...

It's Friday the 13th, that's why all of this is happening...