Thursday, January 24, 2008

OK to all my fellow blogging friends. STOP IT. just STOP. I can't handle all the words. Too many words. I just had to stop reading my bloglines because the damn post were running together in my head. Britt is 40? I thought she had a birthday last week, no wait she's co hosting a live chat with poppy, no that's not right. SHIT.

Needless to say, for all your sakes I just shut the damn thing off. I'm not going to get it right anyway.

There isn't a part of me that doesn't ache today. Yesterday's test was long. I'm not normally such a freakin' puss about it either, but then my day time O2 levels are usually higher than they have been. On that note I did get the order for over night O2. Now we just have to work out who pays how much for that machine. Luckily we have insurance, but we have this super odd prescription part where we have to pay up front for it then they reimburse us. Only this isn't a prescription even though they write a prescription for you to get it? Doe anyone else see the potential for this to be a clusterfuck?

Our ever lovely KG was talking about non-traditional dog toys today (yesterday maybe?), I read it today so we're saying today, alright. No arguing with the cranky sore whiner. Anyhow. It made me laugh. Last night I was playing with my poor poor puppy who had to spend ALL day with daddy, which we know is never as good as being with mommy, and she starts whining to get in her dog crate. Trust me it wasn't 'cuz she love to be in there either. Half the time she uses it as a private toilet with access to toys and bedding. So I'm figuring she can see her cat toy that's in there and wants it. I pop open the door and she barrels right past the cat to the dish in the back. Out she comes hauling her plastic food dish and proceeds to run it all over the bed. I snagged it back just before she started to eat it. As I tossed it in the crate and slammed the door I just about took off her nose she was that close behind me trying to get it back. She promptly sat down in front of the door, looked up at me over back (so her nose was straight up in the air) rolled her eyes at me and then, looking at the crate, barked and growled.
Holy brattiness. Last night is the first time she acted like a "puppy". Like you imagine a puppy would when you bring them home. She was happy and hyper and wanted to play play play... with anything. This is a huge step up from the puppy I brought home who just wanted to sleep sleep sleep. In fact we used to have to wake her up to feed her. A dog you have to wake up to feed.... that's not right man.

In other news, G is going back to the doctors today. I think they should just furnish one of those rooms in the back with a decent set of bunk beds and we'll move him in. Maybe he can share the room with Mandy's boy, who can't seem to stay out of the poison oak to save his soul. Today's ailment started yesterday in the form of a killer headache. Nothing would touch it yesterday he had it all day and night. Light and sound sensitive, behind the nose, eyes, forehead, and top of his skull is painful to the touch and throbs. This am I gave his some sinus headache stuff to see if that helped at all. No dice. He said it felt a little better, as he told me, from the bathroom, to please please stop pounding on whatever it was I was pounding on in my room... I was typing.
Maybe this will link into whatever is still causing the vomiting. Because the answer of "suck it up" or we'll have to give you these heavy narcotics just isn't the warning you want issued to your 12 year old.
Depending on what the DR says today, I may likely be calling about homeschooling tomorrow. I'd look into an ISP but his freaking teachers can't get their shit together to send his homework home when he's absent and I call for it.

Ahh, another day. Now I'm going to see about dragging my ass out of this chair and getting lunch. If I can croak out an order. Yeah, shut up. My voice is gone on top of it all, which is why I said I'd make those calls...tomorrow.

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