Saturday, January 26, 2008

So last night I used my machine regardless of what my heart might think. I had to break the cycle somehow and that meant someone/thing had to suffer. Apparently I'm still ticking this morning though a few times last night my heart beat pounding in my ears woke me up. Now assuming the damn drug doesn't start making my lungs bleed again I'll keep this up once a day until my o2 arrives. Not that we're expecting the o2 to be some wonder cure but it'll allow my pooooorrrrrrr ol' ticker a chance to rest for at least 8 hours a day.
Everyone needs a break right. Even overworked under used thumpers.

The puppy went for her almost last shot. She goes back again on Tuesday for the last last one. I think they screwed up, and when I pointed it out when I went to pay they went Opps.... oh yeah, we always split up the last shots from the rabies, yeah that's right, that's what we always do. Sure. I haven't had 7 dogs have their puppy series done there or anything. And not one, ever, did I have their last appointment for shots split up. Ehh whatever, ya know. It's not that big of a deal, just don't bullshit me. I have an ex-client with that problem. I find it hard to look them in the eye.

I got a bottle of Selenium today. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Shots and hooves. Go me! I'm hoping and praying I'll feel up to it because not only must the shots be given, I know those girls hooves are in sad shape. (by sad shape I mean slightly overgrown, not walking around on their knees. they were trimmed 8 weeks ago) And since I tend to rag on other people for their poor hoof tending skills, I try to at least keep mine somewhat up. Pot calling the kettle black and all that.

Looks like my first babies are due on V-day. It sucks because I just don't care. I have two maybe three shows I'm going to, I'm not milk testing this year, I'm not appraising, and I'm not even planning to milk any of the does. Luckily my herd is Neg. I found and have quarantined the one problem doe and she'll be leaving soon after kidding. I will have that/those doe kids to raise, unless she has bucks again, then she'll stay long enough to raise them, then they can all leave. Mind you all this is subject to change. Well, except the showing part. The only way that will change is if I'm hauling the kids around with their replacement does. I want them both to campaign the does at as many shows as possible. I can stick two kids (human and goat) in my SUV though and go to shows without the hassle of taking all my crap/goats/trailer/truck/gear.

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Jen said...

I hope the O2 helps and you start to feel better.