Saturday, January 19, 2008


My puppy is "getting" the idea of the dog crate. I.E. it is not an evil containment device meant to torture small mammals. As we speak she's hanging out in there chewing on a toy. Maybe she'll get into the whole "den" idea. This concept, or lack of it on her part, has made house training a real bitch. Seriously, this dog could care less where she shits. My guess is that the breeder didn't keep the whelping areas clean enough. The puppies got used to tracking through the poop and don't have that ingrained need to have a clean nest. I've not ever had a dog who didn't care when they got poop on them. Corky would turn herself inside out and practically run her own bath if she so much as stepped too close to poop. It's a known fact Buddy didn't like poop, he actually pooped out a window once. (That's successful house training, lol)

Now if we could just clear up her loose stool issue this whole deal might be sealed. She has the concept. She knows the process. In fact last night she scared the shit out of me when she woke me up to go out. I didn't feel her get up which I usually do, then I wait till she come up and asks to go out. (Mostly I'm hoping she'll go back to sleep and we won't have to get up.) So last night I woke up to a lick on the end of my nose and these big dark brown eyes staring at me from where she was standing on my chest. ( I have no idea how I slept through her walking on me either.) Good thing my heart is already running too fast, that might have sent me over the edge.

Speaking of heart. Last night=bad. heart rate was high enough I was listening to it pound in my ears. Bleh. It's better right now. All day it's been icky. Not sure why or what's causing the tightness, but not even the inhaler or nebulizer are working. It's something else.

Two brown eyes are calling me. I'm going to go play with a puppy.

Puppies are good for the soul if not for the carpet.


Frankie said...

Be careful with the inhalers and nebs when your heart rate is going to fast. They tend to speed up your heart normally so if you are up there already your just adding insult to injury.

Nice hot steamy shower might help with the tightness.

Fogspinner said...

True. Unfortunately with the CF I don't have an option but to use them. Steam never seems to work for me, I wish it would.

I finally just forced myself to start coughing until it became productive. Yeah the headache that resulted sucked, but I got stuff moving in there.