Friday, December 28, 2007

My back is tired, I should take advil, I'm too tired to care.

Today was spend at the hospital. Again. We like it there apparently. To mix it up a little we tried out a new hospital for fun. It sucked. The crazy dude waiting for his wife to get out of surgery made for a little light fun. While we all scrambled to stay as far away from him as humanly possible in a waiting room.

Hey, you can't be too careful at a hospital, there is lots to catch there, and I didn't want to come home with a serious case of crazy.

Our friends daughter, who calls me Mom (I am too young to have a teenager who can drive thankyouverymuch), had some surgery today. While we hauled her ass out of there fairly quick it didn't stop her mom from having a couple breakdowns. Not me. I'm almost too cool in times like that. Looking for sympathy, I may not be the one you want to call. I can't blame her mom, this wasn't minor but went very well and very quick. It was just VERY early. I'm glad I wasn't them. We could roll in at surgery time and do the wait game. They had to have her there at 5:30 in the MORNING.

So all is well. The puppy was an angel with all her wait in the car time. Right now she is curled up on her pink baby blanket taking a nap. She's sleeping through the night now too. WOO HOO.

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