Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Please remove the brown thing from my head. I already promised not to eat her." This picture was taken after she fell off his head. She had been laying with her head and paws laid right between his ears, flat down on top of his head. Poor baby Mickey.

"How did I get in here and how do I get out?"

"Maybe I like the box a little. But don't tell anyone. You're taking a picture aren't you?"

"I growl at you. I growl at.... are you laughing at me?"

"Who you laughin' at, camera face."

That is a dearfoam slipper box. To give you an idea of her size. She likes to get in there and spin around on her side and then roll over on her back and stick all four feet out the hole and growl.

At one point while my mom was staying here this last weekend she says from the kitchen;
"Amy get in here and tell me what the hell your puppy is doing?"
I jet into the kitchen because she's a puppy and who the hell knows what she'll be eating doing NOW.
I find her in the water dish, which was empty, curled around in it, with her back against the side, pushing herself around and around in circles, growling. Then she'd stand up, dig, growl, and put her head down and push her head around the bowl for a few turns before flipping her whole body into the bowl and pushing around for a while.
"I have no idea. I really have NO idea."
My mother says "Think she's thirsty?"

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