Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas my christmas celebrating friends.
Happy Hanukkah to my hanukkah celebrating friends.

We survived the visit from the BIL and his girlfriend. Wheels are turning there that we can't speak about right now to protect those involved. My application for sainthood is in the mail. No need to say more there.

The MIL called to wish Bill a merry christmas then hung up on him. Nice huh?

We are gearing up to celebrate our christmas next week. A nice fun family affair with no stress following a day of family shopping.

Happy New year!


Anonymous said...

You have hannukah celebrating friends?
(it was 2 weeks ago, btw..)

Merry Christmas to you and Greg and Bill and yer mom, too


MOLsBak said...

Hope you had a good one with the in-laws. Ours was good, except we are ALL sick. All friggin 4 of us... Let me know how that sainthood application comes out :-)