Thursday, December 27, 2007

In lieu of a real post I'll leave you with these photos. I'll bet I won't see anyone until next year.

We are tempting fate by running the heater today. We're all sick to death of being cold and while we have a heater "ordered" we're not sure when it can/will be delivered let alone installed. Bill and I played with the heater some more and seem to maybe have worked out the "mix" and don't smell the gas as badly, either that or we're used to the smell.

On to the pictures.

Micky's favorite place to sleep. On my pillows.

Hey mom, could you pull up the covers. And hey, fix the heater.

Now his naps look a little like this:

Micky has always been our small dog. Weighting in at a whopping 64# but only being 14" tall.
"It's touching me. No. Really. It. IS. Touching. ME. Remove it from my ass."

And finally, my babies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That puppy is so tiny!!
Why don't you pick up an electric heater? We've got one for each room!

ps I got my paperwork (FedEX!!) if you'd like to do...something..