Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Welcome to the new digs.

I was bored. I needed a change.
I found I wasn't ready for the big bad world of owning my own domain.
Besides frankly, if I was going to own my own domain my goats would be housed there.

Now all I want, ok ok, all I want to START with is a nice roll up blog roll list. Then I'll have to get a template, because really, this one blows. Luckily I know just the ice crushing queen (though she does wear funny glasses) who might be able to help with that. For a price. Damn the fact that she has an ice maker now, we can't bribe her.

I may make boring blogger yet.


Kentucky Girl said...

YAY! I can comment now! :D

Jen said...

I didn't like LJ much either. It's nice for the community stuff, but I wasn't into that anyway.

Have fun with Blogger - I liked it until I was forced to go Beta - but you won't know the difference anyway!

Joefish said...

Yay for Foggy!

KG, what was stopping you from commenting before?

Joefish said...

PS - You don't have to use a domain for only one thing. You can use it for both blogging and goat stuff. You can do as many things with your domain as you can fit into your webspace.

On my domain I have five blogs, a link redirector, a private chat room, a forum, a bunch of old archives from other sites, my own feed reader and an OpenID server.

Donna said...

Yay, Fog nice place.

Fogspinner said...


We talked about my domain before remember. It's the free one with my ISP. I can't blog there. *sniff*

KG and Donna-

Thanks for stopping by!

Joefish said...

Yes, I remember. I'm just saying, if you were to get a different setup you could do all sorts of things.

Kentucky Girl said...

I didn't comment before because I was lazy and couldn't remember my LJ password. Plus it is all confusing and stuff. I got lost. *pout*