Saturday, April 14, 2007


Wow, forgot about this place for a couple days and the dust really lays in thick.

So Easter break. When does the "break" part start?
I was thinking the other day. (Shut up about the smoke, the rain settled it) I'm not a mommy blogger, I'm not a funny blogger, I'm not a political blogger. I pretty much blog about my animals. I'm a pet blogger? And a fairly boring one at that. So why do I blog? Not sure. I think I don't say alot of what I think is because where we live, even if I change names, you will guess who I'm talking about, even if you just causually stop in here. While I may have some nasty ass shit to say about some people behind their backs, I really don't want my opinion to get back to them. If they pushed my back to the wall I would say what I say here to their faces, but I'm just not confrontational that way.

Besides, my life, not so funny much of the time.

Lately it's been drama. Other peoples drama. Effecting directly the time I have to spend on my own drama. My own drama being my very ill grandfather, trying to run my business, care for my husband, child, pets, and keep my herd of dairy goats milking and productive.
I'm trying to take steps to clear these other peoples drama from my existence, but it's baby steps man. One of the drama mama's is my milk tester (cue everyone knowing who that is) and how do I do X without her making my every milk test a living hell. Include to that the fact I also milk test her, yeah, twice a month that could be awkward and uncomfortable.

This weather is not helping my outlook on life either.
I love my job. I hate my boss. What a bitch. Taskmaster. Shit. I can't get away from her for a minute.
I've been so busy?crazed?behind? that I've been making calls to my clients from the parking lot of the rest home before or after I stop to see grandpa. Before I go milk the goats, probably after I shipped milk, or after I picked up Gee from track practice.

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