Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm back.

So, what did you bait your breath with?
Mine? Cinnamon and licorice. Yum.

Bill and the doctor. Rest easy folks, he's just fat. Fat with a bunion, varicose veins, and water retention. No more salt for him and a diet will commence immediately. I bought the book "Cook right 4 your blood type" and am trying to find "Eat right 4 your blood type, individual". The cook right book? Awesome.
Bill? Not so happy to find he is of the blood type who should eat NO meat. The only "neutral" meats that he can eat are chicken and turkey. Meat causes his body to store fat. In other words, rather than storing as muscle building protein, meat proteins store as fat with his blood type.
This book classes foods into three categories "Recommended"= Acts like medicine in the body. "Neutral" = acts like food in the body. "Avoid"= Acts like poison in the body.
Me? I'm a carnivore baby. Bring on all the meat I want. No dairy, which is no skin off my nose. The reason the book says? Causes excessive mucus in the type O body. This was how I started to figure out they may be onto something with this here book. I've avoided dairy for years because of the mucus factor. Also says my blood type needs to take calcium because of the no dairy thing, our bodies don't digest the dairy products correctly so we don't get the calcium from it we should. Too bad calcium gives me the hives.
The meat thing for Bill makes a lot of sense. He really doesn't over eat for his size and activity level. He does however eat A LOT of meat. So, we'll be trying the chicken/turkey thing for him.
Todays project is to make him a little cheater card he can take with him to help him choose good foods. I think I'll just include the food to avoid. Not sure yet.
We bought him new boots today too. He found out he's a size 14, not the size 13 he's been wearing for, oh, ever. No wonder he has a bunion. That should make his whole foot feel better right there.

As we were walking out of the Dr's the nice receptionist says "Oh, Amy the doctor wants you to make an appointment." To which I replied, "Yep got the message and he's just going to have to wait till I can afford to come." Blank stare. I don't think that was what she was expecting, do you?

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