Thursday, November 6, 2008

This should be a profound post, but it isn't. Why start that nonsence now?

I'm still a little aghast over CA voting to pass Prop 8. As you may have noticed I'm not political at all. Nothing, not a peep from me over the last two years about any of it. I don't get into that with anyone. Why? I'm too reasonable I think. I can see any issue from both sides and see why or why not someone would vote one way or the other. Half the time I can see so many good points on each side I can't decide myself, so why argue with you. I am also not someone who votes party lines. I'll vote for whatever or whoever I think does the best job.

But this one. This one just leaves me shaking my head and wondering what in the HELL were people thinking. This is about equality not morality. It goes against my sense of fairness for it to pass. We will vote to make sure farm animals have better lives but not our gay friends. Because frankly I don't think anyone in this state, or your state either, can say they do not have at least one gay friend. Don't think you do, take a closer look. I was 25 before I realized I had gay friends. Really.
Maybe this prop would have been easier for the gay-phobs to stomach if the word "marriage" had been replaced with partnership.

Blah. I'm disgruntled. At least I can say in this county where I live, we voted no on Prop 8.

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