Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If I have to do it myself I will

This is me patting myself on the back.

Cuz someone needs to.

And no I do not have a hairball, thankyouverymuch.

I came home from work tonight and FINISHED the job!! *gasp*

Not only did I FINISH the job, I sat and created a worksheet on the computer to track my years mileage for the business. Which is A LOT of miles. Up almost $1000 from last year based on what the gov thinks it costs to drive.

Tomorrow all I have to do is pack all this stinkin' milk to ship and I'm almost home free for the week.

Tonight's test was cold and wet. It hailed like hell at the beginning of the night and you couldn't even hear the milk pumps over the sound on the tin roof, which is saying something if you've ever stood in a cow barn during milking. I caught the head guy in at least two errors, his, not mine. Love that. Hate when they are my errors, love when they're theirs and their "little list" proves it.

It's a little like the 10 DEAD cows * that another herd "found" after his milker and I showed him physically the 4 cows all wearing duplicate numbers. Because you know... that CAN"T happen. Must be YOU reading the tags wrong. OHHH REALLY? Funniest is when, in front of his dad, they couldn't figure out who one cow was, even with her transponder. The milker and I had this moment of eye contact and you could see us both saying, Oh yeah and it's OUR problem.

Funny people, owners. Doesn't matter what they own either. I'm as guilty as the next guy. Only I'd like to think if I had 10 DEAD cows I'd KNOW it.

****These are dead on paperwork cows. Please don't think that all of a sudden they realized there were 10 dead cows laying around. They'd been dead/sold/culled long before, they just "found" them.

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