Friday, November 7, 2008


Wow. Just Bitch will do. That's me. I'm like Bitchy to the millionth power.

It's really bad when you KNOW you're that bitchy and the bitch just spills forth anyway. I'm hoping today is better because yesterday sucked. A trip to "visit" my father didn't help my attitude. Successfully installing more RAM into my laptop didn't help either.

Lets hope 10 hours in bed helped. Of course I only slept 3 of those hours and woke up with a screaming raging headache probably isn't going to help.
So I took 2 Tylenol arthritis am nursing a soda and will avoid human contact at all possible.

My pissy attitude is rubbing off on my kid and I came very close to snapping his head off about "his piss poor attitude and DON'T take that tone with me". Then the replay went through my head before I opened my mouth and I listened to myself. So I shot him an evil look and bit my tongue instead. This is how I can tell today might be slightly better than yesterday. I'm seeing the evil as it happens instead of after I go to bed at night and lay there thinking "holy shit I'm a bitch".

This weekends plans include baking and science experiments and dammit I would like to be in a better mood for that.

I'm going to need to be in a better mood for the next two weeks or I will kill my husband. He has two weeks off from work and I swear to god he'd better not think he's spending all that time crawled up my ass. I'm hoping I can dump him off at the fence project and he will have that to occupy his self with part of the time.


Anonymous said...

I was Griselda the Super Bitch on Wednesday and Thursday. I decided to shut down my computer and deal with only crap that I absolutely HAD to.

Two days of sleeping and watching tv later, my mood is better.

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Egads waking up with a headache is the WORST!!