Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sitting on the heat

Literally. I'm sitting on a heating pad because my legs feel like blocks of ice.

The rest of me is sweating. I've checked my circulation several times to make sure they (my legs) aren't turning blue or anything. There seems to be no reason for this. Just asshole legs with heating issues.

My ribs are feeling better, thanks for asking. Keeping them wrapped tight overnight seemed to help alot, as I'm sure did putting the ice on it last night. Thanks Greg!

We need to go shopping tonight but my feet are aching they are so cold.

Paychecks are trickling in, as are the bills. WOWZO. The new herds sure drove up costs. Thank god they pay well. One bill alone drove up 3x the pre-new herds cost. And lets not talk about UPS the ass fuckers.
We looked into other options but they pretty much have me over a barrel holding my ass.

Ok.. Brrrr......

1 comment:

Jen said...

So, pinched nerve in the ribs moved to the legs, perhaps?

Would a massage help?