Sunday, October 5, 2008

I recently saw a leash (there all fixed ;-P) *nudge nudge* "somewhere" that reads "One of us is a bitch". Today I know which one that is. After spanking my puppy for not minding my son pipes up, as the dog sends me a scathing look, talking for the dog, "Well, one of us is a bitch."

Not funny.

Ok. Funny.

I'm cranky. This IS my happy face. Dammit.

Then to turn on my computer tonight to download my work for tomorrow and send my paperwork from last week... no internets to be found. WTH?

Hubby yanked out my phone cord from the house in his mad raking of the side yard. Then denied. And argued. And then yelled at me? Oh poor choice my dear when I'm on edge. I can yell louder, longer, and much more proficiently than you. Remember when you laughed about the neighbors girlfriend muttering around their house calling him names from within while you all stood in the driveway. They live 4 doors down. Bet they heard most of what I said. And *gasp* I did it while mostly not cussing. This is HUGE. I didn't want to teach the children next door anything new, because dude, their bedroom I could spit in.

We thought we lost two goats today. Turns out Greg is blind. Or one really fat white goat can blend into the dirt. Which ever you choose to believe.

We hauled hay in the break today. A few more months worth of really heavy hay. Poundage wise I should only have to feed one bale a feeding, too bad the flakes don't measure out right. It will be interesting to see how much they eat versus waste. That's always the challenge with new hay.

No other news. Work tomorrow in Arcata then in Fortuna on Tues. Another day another dollar, or so they say.

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