Saturday, October 11, 2008

My cat isn't feeling very good. He's been looking "off" for a little while and I wormed him with a general wormer and it just hasn't done anything. He also hasn't been speaking to me since my dads accident. Apparently he can forgive me for working fair and being gone during the day, but being totally gone so much is inexcusable. Last week, after getting to lay eyes on him again, I gave him a heavier duty wormer to see if that perked him up. So far nothing.
Last night I had Greg catch him and bring him to me. He flat won't come at all when I call him. He used to come, sit, and lay down on comand. Now he won't sit in the same room with me.
He's thin. He's puky looking. I had Greg run the other cats past me and they all look fine and dandy. Mine, half dead. So I opened him a cat of wet food expecting him to dove in and chew my arm off while I fought to open the damn lid (easy open my ass). For one thing, I had to open the can while not losing hold of the cat, he was not wanting to stay with me for anything. I think he holds a grudge. After I gave him the bowl he just looked at it. The other cats where swarming like sharks at a seal kill. He's not impressed. I finally coaxed him into eating it. It was no small feat, but thankfully didn't require me to taste test.
Tonight he got more canned food and hairball stuff and nutri-cal. He acts like he has sore teeth, so I inspected his teeth. I dont think that helped my standing on the grudge list for sure, but they looked ok. No abcesses that I could see and I pushed and proded quite a bit.
He keeps this up and I may have to resort to taking him to the vet. Where I'm sure they will tell me he has a upper respitory infection because I think that's a standard answer for all generally ill cats. In the mean time we're going to give him canned food once a day (they have dry all day long) and hairball and nutri-cal him as often as I can get him to stand still to be caught.

In other news we went to Ross today. I hate Ross. I like Ross's prices, but I hate that store and 92% of the people who shop there. 100% of the people who work there are morons, and I know the manager. Bleh and ick.

But I scored a new wallet, 4 baking sheets (making my family hopeful I will use them), a steamer pot for pasta (making my family hopeful I will cook), and a few shirts for my spoiled child and rotten husband. I tried to talk myself into a ceramic baking dish with lid and serving rack, but it was red. If it had been blue or green or that lovely "honey dipped" brown, we'd have had one. They had a big ceramic honey dipped brown roasting pan with inner rack that if it would have had a lid we would have had it. Alas nothing was the right combo so I left the ceramic there. Probably for the best, my family is kinda hard on ceramic.

Right now my floor is sitting with flea killer powder on it that I need to vacumm up. I may let it sit there all night and do it in the AM.

I'm making cinnimon rolls tomorrow. My dough in the fridge so I need to pull it out to rise in the AM. I have to cheat and use someone elses dough. For some reason (we think its the salt) I kill dough quicker than shit that needs to rise. I can't even make canned bisquits that you pop out of a can. If I touch them they won't rise. My husband thought I was kidding until he watched for himself. That is one item I never have to worry about him asking me to make. LOL

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