Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have my first case of true mastitis in a milker. It's NASTY too. I've had high SSC and little stringers, but this was true thick nastiness all the way through, much like milking butter though a straw. Or similar to what I cough up, only chunkier.

My health is truly up and down. Each day is a whole new ball of wax. Some days I'm usless as tits on a boar hog and others I feel fine.

Last night was a trip. I felt like I couldn't inhale all the way nor could I fully exhale. My chest was heavy and under extreme pressure. I was lying there not sleeping with a horrible headache when I actually felt the pressure lift. It was a totally odd feeling. It lifted and I could breath freely. Then I got up and took some tylenol for the headache. That was about 5Am. I slept till 11. Totally unheard of for me. But I needed to sleep. I was/am totally behind in that category.

I'm trying to talk myself into a new laptop. With all these mounting bills I find it hard to say... OH sure another new "thing" is a great idea. But man I really need it for the business. It is a write off...


Sodapop said...

Gosh I hope you are feeling better soon! Take care of yourself and keep your chin up.


Jen said...

I've heard mastitis is nasty in a human, I couldn't imagine what that poor animal is going through.

I hope you feel better soon!