Wednesday, March 19, 2008

  • Awww. I have a friend who's blooming. It's nice to watch.
  • I have goat like that too, we called her a late bloomer.
  • Bill had to take a night off work last night to help me do my job, which sucked.
  • So yeah, I suck. My heart sucks. My breathing sucks. This whole deal sucks.
  • I am expecting calls from another new client.
  • I knew if I held on long enough my business would take off on it's own.
  • Nothing advertises like word of mouth, good or bad.
  • Now I hope my body will hold together to keep my business together.
  • I need a new lap top.
  • Good thing with that is I can actually hire another tester if I want and be able to send them out with their own computer.
  • Bad thing is cost.
  • I'll have to stop procrastinating.
  • The new medicine that makes my head squishy works like a dream. I slept great last night. Only it is still making my head squishy 16 hours later.
  • Bullets are cool.

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sarah said...

I love a good night's sleep.