Friday, December 14, 2007

Wanna see?

Thank you Grandpa.

Meet Bridgette. She's an 8 weeks old Long haired Dachshund. To give you a good idea how totally tiny she is:

Here she is with my favorite beverage.

So anyone who knows me in RL knows that I had strict orders to my husband that when/if my first born furkid, Corky, didn't outlive me he had BETTER have on order, ready to be delivered a new Welsh Corgi puppy. When that fateful day actually happened, and I realized I could still breath without her I told my hubby I never wanted another F****ing dog again EVER. I was done. When ours were gone I never wanted another four legged heart breaker. Then this year we lost 2 of our other other dogs. Ok, I thought, I didn't mean we needed to clear the house all at once.

So about 6 months ago, lord has it been that long, when my chihuahua had to be put down I started thinking, well maybe a little dog would be ok. I looked and looked, and my demands were specific, they were also outlandishly expensive. I went back and forth between Corgi and Chihuahua. Corky was the smartest dog on the planet so this new dog had huge paw prints to fill. Back and forth, back and forth. While researching Chihuahua breeders I stumbled on one who bred Dachshunds too. I clicked over there to look at the pictures, 'cuz really, is there ever an ugly puppy?

The first one I saw was a long haired black and tan with white markings, who when I held Corky's picture to the screen, could have been her twin. I started researching to kill the time. G walked in once while I was looking at pictures and said WOW I like those, they look like Corky mom. Ok ok, hooked. I started scouring around to find one that was affordable yet of good breeding, AKC registered, long haired, female, and NOT Red.

I was looking for black and tan with white markings. I was looking for Corky.

And I had to stop.

So I started looking again. I found local puppies, short hair. I almost settled for that. When I was about to call the woman the second time I came to my senses and realized I wouldn't be totally happy. I like silky coats. It was my favorite feature on both Corky and Taco.

I found Bridgette on-line on Tuesday morning and e-mailed her breeder. When I didn't get an instant response I called her breeder that night. I told him I would let him know for SURE on Wednesday if I was coming on Thursday for her or not. I didn't HAVE to ask Bill, I had planned to use my inheritance so her price wouldn't be coming from any money ear marked for anything, but it was only right ya know? He was like, why the hell are you calling me..... call the breeder dumb ass.

So on Thursday I made a flying trip to Medford to "look" at her. I didn't tell anyone because I wasn't FOR sure going to bring her home. That lastest about 30 seconds after I saw her. Sure? Not Sure? No question.

I spent 30 minutes at the breeders. Long enough to pick up her papers and head for home. 9 hours total trip. 8 hours driving. 30 minutes at the breeders and 30 minutes split between potty breaks for her on the way home and a stop at McD's so my butt could un-numb.

My cats think they should kill her, but no one has hurt her. Just alot of this:

It's OK Mom. I've killed bigger rats. I won't let it hurt you or the soda.

She's all, yeah right CAT, BRING IT.
Funny how serious he looks in that shot, really he was just blinking from the flash. LOL.

So I have to thank my Aunt Jean for this puppy too. When my G-pa died and I found out about the money he's left me, I asked her for advice for investing it. Really I wanted to make sure my dad didn't blame me for doing something "Stupid" with it or "wasting" it. She told me to be sure to do something nice and fun for myself because G-pa would have wanted that. I scoffed the idea at first. He wasn't exactly and "nice and fun" kinda guy ya know? When I think about him, a lot of great things come to mind, but fun isn't one of them. *grin* So I took a small part of what he gave me, bought myself a purely selfish gift, every time I look at her I can thank my grandpa, and a little of him, though indirectly, is always with me.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were being mysterious about that trip..
Congratulations! I am totally jealous ( PUPPY!!!)
Everyone needs a little dog.


Hot Coffee Girl said...

OMG! So cute I could die. Keep us posted.

Kentucky Girl said...

OMFG CUTE AS A BUG'S EAR! Does she need any clothes? Dixie outgrew her size Smalls 4-8lbs. clothes.

Fogspinner said...

Kg- Sure. She's not 4 lbs yet but they'll fit her soon.

She was 2.12 when we were at the vets and nothing fit her so she's wearing a fuzzy sock with holes cut in it. :-) I'll have to take a pic.