Monday, December 10, 2007

Killing me, one breath at a time

Wow, how's that for a title.

SO we think we might have narrowed down what's causing me to cough up copious amounts of blood. See, I've pretty much DOWN played just HOW much blood there has been, because a bunch of worry warts and tattle tails hang out here. :-P And since I've talked about the blood a lot.... this should tell you???

For the last 3 days Bill has smelled something in the house. I think it smells like wet paint, he says it's gas.

I figure while I was gone he cranked up the natural gas wall heater. Which he didn't, or if he did he was smart enough to turn it back down before I got home, which he isn't. That would make it smell stronger than he's used to, because I only have it set at just above frigid.

However, while I was gone I noticed something. I SLEPT for one thing and for another, no blood. None. I took just as much ibuprofen as always maybe more since I was sitting for long periods at a time in the car. This is something I have been cutting back on with the bleeding in my throat/lungs because I didn't need my blood any thinner than it is normally.

So as of last night I had been home for 2 days and 2 nights and guess what? Guess. Yep. It's back.

So we tore into the heater last night and shop vac'd it out really well. We think we see a place where the "exhaust" is leaking out into the house. Good thing hubby works part time for a heating guy. We're going to have them come test the heater for bad emissions. We KNOW it's not efficient, but right no I just want to know it's not KILLING us.

So the heater was off last night. Coldest damn night in weeks and we don't have a heater to "knock the edge off". I grew up with wood heat, o.n.l.y wood heat. Which meant the warm spots on a winter morning were your bed and right next to the stove. Everywhere else your toes froze to the floor. I happen to still like my house like that. Only now, I don't have a heater to have a warm spot!

I know this because I just took a soda from the refrigerator and it felt WARM!

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Mandy said...

and who would be the tattle tales and worry worts you mentioned?!!