Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I came very close to escorting myself to the ER tonight.
Poorer sense prevailed.
I know I should have gone.
I just HATE going.
I did scare myself just a little with the amount of pure blood I was coughing up. It didn't keep up for long and I was back to coughing up the blood and nastiness that I'm used to seeing.

No advil tonight as it appears I need to clot up. Which means I won't sleep much. Whaa.... I'll just start crying now.

Yes yes MOTHERS I will call the reg DR tomorrow and go see him. I think it's time to switch off of my beloved Albuterol. *Sniff*

Ok Bionic Woman is on... Night.

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mad groupie said...

I'm coming over to kick your ass woman.....