Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey Good morning.

It's nice to be awake. Yeah last night was a little spooky. And after 18 hours with no Advil this morning is rather spooky but for other reasons. No blood this morning. I did have Bill wake me up when he got home from work, you know, just to make sure I would. It was the light headed foggy woosie non- focusing feeling that was rather odd for me and made me the most nervous.

I took some Advil this morning though. I would have liked to go one more day without just in case, but I can't take the pain in my knees. I'd forgotten WHY I take advil like clock work. The intense throbbing and burning actually woke me up. Bleh. Stoopid knees.

Ok enough with the crappy health news.
My barn is painted!
I have to go back and re-color match the bottom half, because the top does not all. However, it will work as a primer coat and it is protected from this weekends rain in case I don't get it painted today. And we'll see.
That wood was REALLY hard to paint. I had even bought a roller for use on really rough surfaces and it didn't. So we painted it on with a 4" roller for smooth surfaces and that worked.


I have found during this post I really over use comma's. I've deleted I don't know how many.


I should get that package in the mail today, assuming I have the persons address. If I don't I guess it won't be a secret anymore. :-(

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