Friday, November 9, 2007

As I was sending off a package yesterday with the mystery gift I was reminded of a funny story from last year.

I participated in a secret santa gift exchange with people from forum that I belong to. I was SS for the NYCWD. He's probably wishing someone cool had gotten him like T or Avitable or KG. Preferably anyone who's taste wasn't all in their mouth and even that doesn't work so well.

But no, he got me instead. First off, buying gifts for ANYONE just about gives me the hives. Let alone someone I hardly know and then only from what I know of their "online" self. I want gifts to be meaningful or at least not some random crap that your all "Great Thanks" on the outside and all "Holy fuck what do I do with this shit" on the inside.

Ohhhh come on, you've been there , you know it!!

So I did a little research. I prodded his friends. I got a fairly decent idea of something easy and within our spending limit. The man loves chocolate or so his friends told me. GREAT! We have a great local confectionery shop and I'd bet a Moo Moo would be something he'd like to try. So with Moo Moo bars as an added gift to the box of treasures I sent off my package to the land far far away, New York, and I wait.

And I wait.

And I wait.

People who know me well know I do EVERYTHING early. Other people are getting their packages and Dawg isn't saying anything. I'm getting nervous.

I can't remember how it came down exactly (hey it was a year ago, what do you expect), I think I messaged him and asked about it because weeks had passed. Shortly after that they received a notice from the post office they had a package to pick up.
(The actual conversation is a figment of my imagination, but the basics are all true)
Dawgs Brother (on man I'm sorry) went down to get pick up the package. He was met by the Postal Inspector and asked to come into the back with him. There he was met by uniformed men and a dog named Brutus.
"Do you recognize these names, sir?"
"Umm...." To: Watchdog From: Fogspinner "Umm... Oh wait yeah, that's my brothers website."
"Do you know what is in this package?"
"Are you sure you have no idea what's IN SIDE this package."
"Nope, no clue."
"Our dogs have sniffed it out as possibly carrying drugs, we'll have to open it up sir."
"Uh, OK?"
So they tear into my packaging... *sniff sniff* it was a cute little snowman box... to find their drug sniffing dog had located 2 chocolate bars, 3 vanilla candles and a candle holder. Don't you feel safer in NY now? Personally I think Rover was hoping to score a box of chocolate chip cookies for Christmas. Then, then, they cut into the chocolate bars, because HEY the dog smelled drugs, man they have to be there somewhere, right?
No Postal Inspector dude, your doggie wants a cookie, got it?
Dawg's Brother has refused to pick up packages at the post office since. Can't say as I blame him much.

So as I was packaging up this mystery gift yesterday I was having myself a good chuckle. This one shouldn't get flagged by the drug sniffers. Though I did think about tossing a chocolate bar in there just to see.

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