Thursday, April 19, 2007

No great news today.
G-Pa is doing pretty well. He finally asked for something to eat. And he smiled. When Bill was smacking me with a shoe lace he found. Sadistic old man.
Did I mention I shaved Gee's head? It's what he wanted. Until he came home from school telling me he was sick of hearing "Man you're bald."

Track meet was fine. 26.6 was his top throw. He placed second to his buddy so it's all good. It was a practice meet anyhow, I find out later. Another meet this weekend. These meets are saving me from goat meetings I don't want to attend anyway.

I just realized I'll be coming home from a training seminar to head to OR for a goat show the next day. Shit.

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Joefish said...

Did I ever tell you "G-Pa" sounds like a rap name?