Monday, April 16, 2007

Ahhhh, Gee is off to school again.

We're back on our 6am milking schedual which, while a PITA, is a nice set start to the day. Except today.
We have a routine. While he opens up the out shoot (where the goats exit to the field) I put the first two on the milk stand. While I'm getting them grained and washed, he starts up the generator.
Today I grained and waited. Silence. I waited some more (sometimes he's a little slow in the AM). He comes to the door and says;
"Mom the generator is gone."
My jaw hits the ground and I have flash backs to the morning we found my 4 wheeler stolen. The sheer look of shock must have made him think again.
"No, not gone gone, gone like it won't start gone.... it's broken."
"oh." I stumble out to see it I can figure it out, I can't, I call Bill at 6:30 am. He decides he needs to come look at it.
Gee and I start hand milking. I have a milking machine for a reason. I hate to hand milk. It kills my shoulders. Arm numbing pain.
We milked over half by the time Bill came to the rescue. Luckily all my big or hard to milk does wait to the end so we didn't have to milk them by hand.
And thinking about it, we missed one. Come to think of it, where is she? No not the one I sent off, I know not to look for her. Her partner in crime though is missing. Uh Oh.

I work today. I was supposed to work tomorrow also but my client called and canceled. He didn't have time to get his new cows tagged. He bought them on Friday and we were set to test on Tuesday afternoon. He only bought 30. My guess is it won't be done by test day either.

I bought gas today. It looks like it is a good thing I did. It went up this morning in town to $3.47. My gas bill last month was more than my mortgage payment.


Mad Groupie said...

long time no hear from. Got Ma all moved and situated this weekend. Much better for her. Hope all is well, talk to ya soon!

P.S. Nice new digs :D

Kentucky Girl said...

Oy vey. I hear you on the gas (can't comment on the milking 'cuz I've never done it 'cuz I'm afraid of

Damn California and their own special "blend" of gasoline that no other state makes. ARGH!

Fogspinner said...

Mad- Oh cool you found her something. Yea!

KG- No shit! I hate Ca for that. I had to comment because someone else I was reading was complaining about their gas just getting close to $3.00.