Thursday, November 24, 2011


In our little home away from home our little family had a fabulous dinner. Bill drove down this morning and brought me my babies and I've sure missed them. They were happy enough to see me, my little yo-yo was super happy to have her mommy, Bridgette was just happy to see someone with a blanket.

Bill brought down a ham with him, Auntie made salad and rolls, Granny made sweet potatoes and turkey stuffing (greg's request), Uncle was sure we had pie and ice cream, and I picked up a veggie tray while on my walk at Safeway today. It's been rainy and wet so I haven't been outside walking much. I try to get to some store, or to the hospital every day to do walking. I didn't walk much during stay #2 because of the uber painful drain line.

The home health lady was by today to check on the new site and to do a new update since I was just released. The new drain looks awesome they said, nothing more than a needle mark. One of the old drain sites is giving them all fits. It's not sealing up, has quite a bit of dead tissue, and isn't changing for the better in it's prognosis. They are trying a new type of dressing on it to try to lift out that dead tissue and open it up to something more pink. They will now be coming out every other day to be sure it's making progress. I can't see the darn thing to tell them one way or the other. Everything else looks spiffy. The incision looks awesome, healing nicely with some Vit E slapped on it daily.

Take blood sugar, blood pressure, temp, weight, pills, mark, check, and chart.... wash rinse repeat.

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