Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

What is this, day 22 since I came down here for my transplant. It is starting to seem like an eternity. Boredom has beyond set it, but I am not really "up" to much.
First thing this AM I had to be at the hospital for a blood draw. The lab is supposed to open at 7, we planned to be there at 8, since my test has to be done between 7-9. We were there shortly before 8 to find they didn't open until 8, day after the holiday and all. So at about 8:15 we find out, no, the HUGE sign at the front door was incorrect, they were actually opening at 8:30. Damn was I glad we hadn't gotten there at 7, I would have been slightly hot. At 8:40 I was back in the truck and headed for home.
Bill, Greg, and I went after noon today and checked out the huge mall/plaza over in Daly City, which is only about 2 miles from camp. I needed to get a few things if the girls were going to stay and Greg needed socks. I can't for the life of me understand why he thought 2 pairs of socks would be enough.
We settled for a Target since it seems the only wallyworld is in Brisbane and though it's probably close, it seemed too far to bounce around in the car. It still is hard to get jumbled and bumped around. Think separated sternum (though mine wasn't) and 5 perforations between different ribs. The numbness in my chest is finally subsiding, though when I get shook around it comes back. I will be glad when those nerves get themselves realigned and regrown. I had an itch on my right breast, but felt it on my left.... there is just nothing right about that.
We spent about an hour cruizing a super huge target with a full grocery store in it. The place was still packed so I wore my mask. I only wear it when in the hospital, the one place they say I don't need to, um no, sick people are at hospitals. Of all the places I may or may not wear it, the hospital is for SURE one that I will. I also wear it if the stores are packed. It's funny how many more people I notice sneezing and wiping their noses now.
When we got back I took Yo-yo's new leash and took her for a walk down the dog area and to the bluff and then back to the trailer. By the time I was on my way back my legs were getting tired and I wasn't sure I could get back up the steps. I have found when I am really tired I don't lift my right leg as well and it gets caught on the top step. I usually have spotters at the top and bottom of the steps because I can't lift or push more than 10lbs with my arms. I feel every pound across my chest when I do. I did make it pretty much unassisted to my aunts and uncles yesterday for dinner. I don't carry anything extra though, not even my wallet.
Bill left for home about an hour ago. I don't know that he'll be back down until it's time to go home. He's doing my work and his job both. Disability hasn't set in for him yet so money is really tight this payday. Uber important to keep my jobs going as they will pay the bills right now. It will all catch up eventually. Just have to hang on til then.
I'm going to attempt to wander over and take a shower tonight. I think all my wounds can get wet now. Last time it was shower day.... they re-admitted me. MUST WASH HAIR.
All is well for the time being, and while I thought I would have a whole weekend of peace and quiet, home health will be here tomorrow since they are worried about this ugly wound that isn't healing on my left side.
So much for my weekend. As if I have anything else to do right?

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