Friday, June 12, 2009

My back = Completely Fubared.

It took three days for the muscles to loosen enough for it to pop and relieve some of the pressure. In the mean time I took enough Ibuprofen to warrant buying the 1000 tablet bottle. We figure it'll last 176 days.

I need to go see the chiropractor and get new insoles for my work shoes, but I'm waiting for my finances to mellow out a little.

I overestimated (?) the speed at which people would send payments to me and fired off a big payment to one of my bills. This all resulted in a near disaster when another bill, which is auto- payment (and like 600 a month *screw you UPS*), went through early. *Ahhhhh*

It's all clear now. I'm just letting the dust settle for good measure.

All else is going well. I do wish the damn weather would PICK a mood. Rain... Sun....Wind..... PICK a combination for fucks sake and let me adjust. This humid shit is killing me. Literally. My lungs tighten up like nothing else the more humid it is.

I"m going to a fair in OR and figuring the best way to swing the *OMG* motel bill. A #1 first reason why being on O2 at night SUCKS ass. I can't camp, saving myself tons of cash. No, no I have to pay 100 a night to sleep in a crappy bed which might as well be the ground so I can have power. Now I could take my neighbors generator, but I think the fair campers would kill me in my sleep for keeping them up, no matter how quiet that thing is.

So there you have it. What I'm doing this summer.

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Rootietoot said...

Be careful with the ibuprofen. I took 800 mg 4xday for 6 mos and fried FRIED my kidneys. Seriously the Dr yelled at me in frustration.