Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crap, so I've been a little absent. I blame Crackbook and that time whore Farmtown.

And the goats. I've seen alot of my goats. And cows. Lets not talk about the cows, m'k?

But today. The head it pounds. (I had to re-type THE three times, OMG)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, the head... it pounds. Nothing so far is touching it.

Today's todo list included
  • hauling the kids to the property and removing their little (yeah NOT) asses from my yard and worming them. (DONE!)
  • packing and shipping milk samples from the 1000 cows I've seen in the last two days (Packed but not shipped yet)
  • getting some pig feed (DONE, epic FAIL)
No where on that list is a pounding headache. Please NOTE that!

A note about the pig feed; EPIC FAIL. I stopped to pick up a bag since Sarah pointed out that taking the heifer grain out of my mix (thanks feed store guy for being out, AGAIN) I was losing protein. Shit! So, knowing she's (and others) have been feeding it with success I though this might be a good quick fix. On the way hauling the goats I stopped at FF to pick up a bag. I never shop there because they carry a brand of feed I think sucks and which my goats normally won't touch. (First clue) Oh, and they are horribly overpriced and 90% of the employees are idiots. But hey I was pulling a trailer and it was easy to get into.
And really, it's pelleted pig feed, how bad can P***** screw it up?
Apparently enough that my goats would rather STARVE that TOUCH grain that has touched pig pellets. I mean literally. They wouldn't even sift through it and pull out what they liked.
So I threw some in for my kids to see if they will eat it, ha.. they don't know any better, if not, ummm Sarah you want to see if yours will eat it?
I'm not sure if it's the brand or the product itself. I'll have to try another brand once I figure out what to do with this 50lbs.


sarah said...

MIne didn't like the FF either..I've been slowly mixing it into the all in one ( which is on a good roll lately) and they will eat it in there. Randy's is where I get the stuff they love..

sarah said...

Oh, and I woke up with a headache today, too...